Thursday, May 27, 2010


Allright. I’ll have to admit that all of you deserve the biggest ”SORRY” in the whole world. And I guess that’s even not enough.
Everyday since I posted my last update in here, I wanted to write something to you about my life right now.

First I want to say that all who watch my videos and comment them, still mean so much to me. I look on YouTube everyday to see what people think. And every day it makes me so happy to see that people still watch my videos and commenting them.

The different from January and now is, that I’m not longer just Henriette who likes to sing in her spare time and upload covers. Now I’m Henritte from a group called “The Fireflies”. I’m not going to school anymore. I’m only working with this group.
It’s very exciting and I like it a lot. But I really do have bad conscience over not writing to you at all.
It’s like I have just thrown you away – but I don’t. I remember you, and I miss you.

If you want to know more about “The Fireflies”, you can go to , or search on “The Fireflies fra X Factor” in Facebook. Everything is in Danish because we’ve got a lot of kids who are fans, and they don’t understand English. You can also see clip from X Factor where we get together and meet each other, where we are performing for the whole Denmark, on my channel on YouTube.

Maybe there will come a cover soon.. but I’m not sure. I just wish that you will keep looking.

Well. Take care of yourself and enjoy ever moment.

A lot of hugs from me