Wednesday, September 30, 2009

San Francisco

Now it’s here: San Fransisco

I figured the hard chords out. Maybe you can see/hear when they come. But I think I learned them pretty well.
It’s a good song, and a lot of people know it. So I really hope I can live up to their expectations. It’s always more dangerous to play a song everybody knows, than a song only few people know.

Anyway. I’ve also uploaded another song played in the plucking pattern way. It’s called “Butterfly Fly Away”. It’s another song by Miley Cyrus. It’s really beautiful, and I love singing it. It is actually so beautiful, that my brother thought it was boring. LOL.

Here it is:

Have a continued good week, and take care!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

.. it's all just fine!

Hi Everybody.

My fingerplay is just getting better and better. I’m so happy for that.
I’m already practicing a new song in that way, because I really start to know how to do it. YAY!!

But before you get to here another song in fingerplay, I have to upload “San Francisco” as I promised a couple of people – I don’t want to disappoint you ;) .. Specially not you, Sweedish-Niclas :D

I also have good news to tell you!! A producer from the city I’m living in contacted me yesterday to hear if I were interested in help from him. Then I told him that I would always love to get some help with my music. And then he promised me that he would look for a songwriter to me, so I could play something original.
There will probably go some time, but I’m really excited to see if he can figure something out :)

Another thing: Have you all heard about that “new” British girl called Pixie Lott. Aww, she is awesome!
My cover called “Mamma Do” is original by her. She was visiting Denmark for a couple of days ago, and she told a little bit of herself in an interview in the television. She seems cool, and she is only 18 years old!!! That’s almost the same age as me. I want hide that I really adore her! She got the star-quality!!

Well, that was all I had to tell today.

Now it’s almost weekend, so enjoy your last days on work ;-)

Take Care.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fingerplay - FINALLY!!!


Finally I got time to tell about my newest video – No One by Alicia Keys.
It’s very big for me, because I play it in a way called ‘plucking pattern’ instead of ‘strumming pattern’, which I’m used to.
Plucking pattern is the same as fingerplay, jut so you know. It’s looks so easy when someone who’s good at it, play in that way. But for me it was a really really really long and painful war to get this song ready.
I don’t know if you remember, but before I get to New York, I showed you a little clip of this song – No One – and promised it will be ready really soon. But unfortunately it was a little bit more difficult than I thought.

That was also why I made some ‘Deleted Scenes’ in the end. To show you that it was fun, and I enjoyed playing the song – but it was also very hard and very difficult.

My voice in the song is not the best, because I focused a lot on playing the song correctly – hopefully it will be better in time ;-)

You can see the video here (Deleted Scenes starts at 03:27):

Last time I talked about a song called ‘San Francisco’ – It’s still on its way. I have some chords I’m fighting with, but it will be ok in a while.

I want to tell you about the weather in Denmark right now, because it’s actually pretty good. Not much wind and the sun are shining most of the day with very few clouds – brilliant!

I still appreciate your comments and supporting. The first thing I do in the morning is to check my mail, and see if anyone has giving me a comment. And that’s also the last thing I do before I go to bed.
It means so much to me – remember that! :-)

Hugs from me.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Miley Cyrus-cover!!

So this time I made another Miley Cyrus-cover. Or actually it’s a song by Cheyenne Kimball, but I know the song from Miley. I like a lot of her songs, but unfortunately I think it’s not very often her songs suits my voice. I just had to play this song, because the melody is so beautiful!

The next song is hopefully going to be "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie. I’m really excited about how that’s going to be. But I hope it will be good. There is a chord called “B minor” in the song, and it’s so difficult for me to hold my fingers in that way to play it, so I need a little practice first.

Happy weekend to all of you! :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

New Video.. AGAIN!! :D And a clip of my day in shool..

Does some of you remember my cover of Connells called "74' 75" ?
Well, if you do remember, AND if you liked it, I guess this would also be a song you would like - my newest upload: How To Save A Life by The Fray.

I liked singing and playing this song because it was difficult and easy at the same time. I mean.. It was interesting!

I changed the key a little in the first part of every vers. And the reason why I did that is simply that it was way to deep for me to sing else. (:

UH, AND ALSO.. If you wanna see what song we are working with in my school right now, take a look at this video. I now the quality isn't really good. But it was just one of my classmates who really spontanous tried to record it.
It's really cool to play with a band. And in this video I'm singing and playin guitar (even though it's not easy to see because the guitar is black and so is the background). Bass and electric guitar is played by to of my classmates. The drums are played by my teacher, and the girl who sings the secondvoices is one of my classmates too. I hope you can here it! :)

Have a nice week!!

Henriette :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

(Nothing) lol.

I have had a lot of time to make some videos to YouTube, because I have had free from school the last 3 days. All the pupils had that. That's great, but also a LITTLE boring. (I know that all I just wrote sounds stupid - but I really couldn't figure out how else to write is).

Anyway, it's good that I always can sing and play some guitar. yay!
Another 2 videos has been uploaded yesterday. It's "Lucky" by Britney Spears and "Mamma Do" by Pixie Lott. I love the lyrics in both songs. They are really well-written.

"Lucky" is a very old song, but after Britney Spears get into a big crisis, I think the song really tarted to mean something - it's not just a song, if you understand what I mean.

"Mamma Do" is specially in that way, that Pixie Lott, who's singing it, also is a teenager. I think she is 18. The lyric in that song is a little funny, I think. Before anyone start to think something I just wanna say that I CAN NOT relate to the lyrics ;)
But I think you should take a listen to both of them on

Have a nice weekend, and take care for now!!

Hugs from me.