Monday, January 18, 2010

Time is running from me - oh no!

Hi !!

Well, the time is running fast. I have been making 3 videos since my last post here on my blog.
The lates one is "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon:

I cut the c-part of of this song, because I think it does not fit into this song at all.
I'm sorry if someone miss this part in the song, but I really didn't liked it.

As you maybe can hear, the sound is a bit difficult from all my other videos. I thougt that it would kind of "complete" the song, to add a bit echo. I guess my brother thought it sounded weird. Hehe :)

The next three says I won't be able to be online so much, because I'm on a little trip to the capital, here in Denmark.

Allright. Stay happy, if you allready are! If not.. then be happy!

Hugs from me!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Halløj (Danish for hallo - funny!!)

Wow. I have only been away for 2 days, and when I got home, I had over 25 new comments on my YouTube-videos. I can not wait to start answering them!! That is so amazing! Can’t believe that people have so many nice things to say to me. I appreciate every comment and every message. You are all helping me so much to move forward! Thanks!

A lot of people has been giving me requests, and of course I want to do them all, but I really do not have so much time. That is so sad. Sometimes I just wish that a day could be 48 hours. Then I could play so much more music. Would that be awesome, or what? :)

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the new yar, and still is holding on to your new year-continues. You can do it!!

If there is snow where you live, then grab your sleigh and go have some fun on the hills. Juhuuu..

Take Care


P.s. I haven't been on Twitter for a REALLY long time, but today I tried to go online there againg.. and.. omg.. that is so difficult for me to understand. So please be patient with me in there. Sorry if I don't answer your posts. It's only because I don't know how to do - not because I don't want - cause I do! :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My story..

So.. this is going to be a very looong post. I hope you will read it.

I thought that maybe you would like to know somthing about my background. First just what I have been doing whit my life untill now – very boradly. And then how long and much I have been singing in my life.

1991 (October 30th): I was born. Hurray.
1992 – 1993: Creche.
1993 - 1997: Kindergarden.
1997 – 2007: Primary School. 2 different schools actually. I changed school in 6th class.
2007 – 2009: Worked first at a stock for a year, and then in a supermarket.
2009 – now: Production School. A lot of people do not know what that is. It’s a place you can go for a year, if you have nothing else to do, or if you are waiting to go for a education, or if you have some problems and don’t fit in other places, or if you can’t handle a normal school or work, or if you just want to do something else then regular school for a while.
I’m there because I get tired at working, had some problems with who I really were as a person, and wanted to do something more with my music. At the production school there is a workshop called ”music”, where I can go all the day from 8 – 3 and play music in a band. I couldn’t be more happy for going there.
I have developed myself in many ways, learned a lot about people and life. And of course I have learned a lot about music! :)

I remember in kindergarden I really liked to sing, and I here is 2 pictures of me when I was a tiny tiny girl, with a micropfone in my hand.

When I started in school, I also started singing in choir. Almost all the girls from my class did it, and it felt really natural and real for me. In third grade a lot of the girls from my class jumped out of the choir. But me and a few other girls continued in another choir.

Then in sixth grade when I moved to another school, I also started singing in a new choir. That was great, and we went traveling to Sweden once, to perform. I sang in that choir untill I were 14 and went into the eighth grade (my second last year at school), then I started having private tuition instead of singing in choir.
That was so much better for me. I learned a lot of techniques, and learned what songs I really liked to sing.
I learned to sing like that person I am and it opened my eyes for how important singing was to me. I performed 2-3 times alone on stage for a bunch of people, and learned to be a singer, and not just a vokal in a choir.

Now comes the sad part of the story. I finally ended my school, and had to figure out something to do.
I started to work and could not get my singing hours to fit with my work hours so I could no longer go to this privat tuition.
I worked and worked and worked, and started to miss singing so much. Of course I still sang when I was at my home, but I still missed spending more time and energy on my singing.

And now the good part of the story shows up. I bought a guitar, learned how to play it, started at the procuktion school, created my YouTube-channel and scratched on!!

I have always heard this ”resistance makes you stronger”, and finaly I understood the meaning of it.
Missing singing so much, made me do all these YouTube-videos and really enjoy making them.
I’m happy for what I have done untill now, even though it may not seems like much. I only see it going one way – forward!!

I hope it was worth reading, and you maybe feel you know me a little bit better. If there is anything else you want to know, just send me a message here on my blog, or write me an e-mail, or question me at YouTube.

Thanks for all your supporting. Every comment makes a different for me – I really couldn’t make it without you!!

2010.. here we come!

Happy thoughts!


P.S. You know English isn’t the language I was born with. I hope you understand the most of what I write, and sorry for the phrases that just absolutely makes no sense for you. I’m doing my best :)