My biography...

I thought that maybe you would like to know somthing about my background. First just what I have been doing whit my life untill now – very boradly. And then how long and much I have been singing in my life.

1991 (October 30th): I was born. Hurray.
1992 – 1993: Creche.
1993 - 1997: Kindergarden.
1997 – 2007: Primary School. 2 different schools actually. I changed school in 6th class.
2007 – 2009: Worked first at a stock for a year, and then in a supermarket.
2009 – now: Production School. A lot of people do not know what that is. It’s a place you can go for a year, if you have nothing else to do, or if you are waiting to go for a education, or if you have some problems and don’t fit in other places, or if you can’t handle a normal school or work, or if you just want to do something else then regular school for a while.
I’m there because I get tired at working, had some problems with who I really were as a person, and wanted to do something more with my music. At the production school there is a workshop called ”music”, where I can go all the day from 8 – 3 and play music in a band. I couldn’t be more happy for going there.
I have developed myself in many ways, learned a lot about people and life. And of course I have learned a lot about music! :)

I remember in kindergarden I really liked to sing, and I here is 2 pictures of me when I was a tiny tiny girl, with a micropfone in my hand.

When I started in school, I also started singing in choir. Almost all the girls from my class did it, and it felt really natural and real for me. In third grade a lot of the girls from my class jumped out of the choir. But me and a few other girls continued in another choir.

Then in sixth grade when I moved to another school, I also started singing in a new choir. That was great, and we went traveling to Sweden once, to perform. I sang in that choir untill I were 14 and went into the eighth grade (my second last year at school), then I started having private tuition instead of singing in choir.
That was so much better for me. I learned a lot of techniques, and learned what songs I really liked to sing.
I learned to sing like that person I am and it opened my eyes for how important singing was to me. I performed 2-3 times alone on stage for a bunch of people, and learned to be a singer, and not just a vokal in a choir.

Now comes the sad part of the story. I finally ended my school, and had to figure out something to do.
I started to work and could not get my singing hours to fit with my work hours so I could no longer go to this privat tuition.
I worked and worked and worked, and started to miss singing so much. Of course I still sang when I was at my home, but I still missed spending more time and energy on my singing.

And now the good part of the story shows up. I bought a guitar, learned how to play it, started at the procuktion school, created my YouTube-channel and scratched on!!

I have always heard this ”resistance makes you stronger”, and finaly I understood the meaning of it.
Missing singing so much, made me do all these YouTube-videos and really enjoy making them.

Then I attended in the Danish version of X Factor, and was put togheter with two other girls in a group called "The Fireflies". We got an fourth place in this competition and got a record deal with the record company called "A:larm".
Our first single came out in May 2010 and is called "It's Useless". The musicvideo came out 2 monthes later.
Now we are recording the rest of the songs to the album, and expect it to come out in September 2010.

*Updated regulary*

I hope it was worth reading, and you maybe feel you know me a little bit better. If there is anything else you want to know, just send me a message here on my blog, or write me an e-mail, or question me at YouTube.


P.S. You know English isn’t the language I was born with. I hope you understand the most of what I write, and sorry for the phrases that just absolutely makes no sense for you. I’m doing my best :)