Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello Everybody

Long time ago. I want to tell you what’s going on right now. I’m practicing “Goodbye” by Miley Cyrus. But so far, I have tried to record it 49 times, and NONE of them were good enough. I don’t know when it’s gonna work out for me. Maybe this is just a bad song for me – but I WILL do it!

Another thing I want to tell you is that my hair has getting longer!! And now you probably think: becomes everyone's hair not longer?
And the answer is “yes”, but not so fast. This method is called “Extension”. You can see it in my next video! ;-)

Now I’ll go enjoy my fall-holiday!! YAY.

Take care.



  1. Oh, nice! Now you have more time to talk to me. :)

  2. Hello Henriette,

    my name is patrick and i am from germany, i like your music interpretations with your guitar. Go on.

    May you can make a song from Robbie Williams for me? Songs like Supreme, Feel oder Angels would be great for you.

    I get the youtubelink form a frind of mine: http://ohhhyouprettythings.blogspot.com/

    Maybe you can check our blog, but there are in german :/

    love ya!

    patrick Suite

  3. Hello Patrick.
    I'm very glad you like my singing and guitarplay.

    I do have a lot of requests I'm going through, so there will go a long time before I can sing the songs you have requested.

    I will do them somtimes (:

    I will go check your blog and understand as much as I can! :)

    Take Care