Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi. The day has finally been here. This Monday our (The Fireflies) lbum came out this day. It's an amazing feeling finally to hold it in my hands.
And for the first time we were out performing with our own brand new songs with a band today. Life is great!!!!

Lots of hugs form me!!!


  1. Congrats with the album - Hope to get my fingers on a copy sonn with your signatures on it - Wish you best of luck with it and hope it sells well :)

  2. I love this album. I put the songs on my blog ( its near the bottom area ) and I play them often. I would love to somehow come see you in concert. That would definitely be a distance to go though. LOL.... but worth it ! I will have to pretend I am watching you 3 in real life while I keep on playing your songs over and over and over ;-)
    Thanks for making my days brighter !
    TammyJo aka *TJ*

    P.S. You are doing great with the keyboard too ! Talented lady you are......