Friday, December 24, 2010

Mery Christmas!!

I gotta say to you... this....

I promised you to make a cover of a Chritmas song this year. But now I have been sick for 12 days. I really hoped I could make it before the 24. But no... My voice is totally out of tune, and there is nothing to do :( So so so sad!!
I hope you forgive me some day!!

But aftere New Year when my voice is back to normally again, I'm ready with some new covers. Can't wait to show you.

Untill then, I will wish you all a VERY merry Chritmas, and a happy (and safe) New Year!!!!

Take Care!!!

Hugs.. Henriette


  1. No one cares about your covers?

  2. Anonymous: It seems like your are fan no1, since you comment every post Henriette makes.

  3. Hej! :)
    Jeg sad lige og tågede nogen af dine youtube performances - Du er virkelig fantastisk!

    -C. vang

  4. Hej Caroline.
    Tusind tak. Rigtig spændende blog du har dig!!
    Og hvor er du dog en køn pige :)
    Kh. Henriette