Saturday, December 19, 2009


As some of you maybe have noticed, I haven’t been online for a while.
A lot of exciting things has happen to me the last few weeks. I also had to cancel making a Christmas song because I really do not have time.
I won’t upload so many videos on YouTube the future weeks (maybe monthes), because I’m working with a very exciting project. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I promise you that you will know soon! :)

If I don’t post another note on my blog before Christmas, I will wish everybody Merry Christmas!
Take Care of yourself and the people around you!! 

1000 Christmas-hugs from me!


  1. Det lyder spændende :-)

    Det må vi da høre/se meget mere om når du kan sige noget....

    Ha en rigtig god jul. Har hørt du skal holde jul sammen med nogle rigtig flinke og søde mennesker :-)

    Hilsen Hans Peder

  2. He he he.
    Jo tak. Jeg husker dem også som nogle flinke mennesker - så det håber jeg stadig de er :-)