Monday, January 18, 2010

Time is running from me - oh no!

Hi !!

Well, the time is running fast. I have been making 3 videos since my last post here on my blog.
The lates one is "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon:

I cut the c-part of of this song, because I think it does not fit into this song at all.
I'm sorry if someone miss this part in the song, but I really didn't liked it.

As you maybe can hear, the sound is a bit difficult from all my other videos. I thougt that it would kind of "complete" the song, to add a bit echo. I guess my brother thought it sounded weird. Hehe :)

The next three says I won't be able to be online so much, because I'm on a little trip to the capital, here in Denmark.

Allright. Stay happy, if you allready are! If not.. then be happy!

Hugs from me!!



  1. Hello,
    your voice is just completely crazy !!! ouaaaaaaaaa !!!! So Great !!!
    I hope ou will continue in this way... so marvelous....

    A french fan.

  2. Had to stop in even though I know you won't see this for awhile. Just waving " Hello" and throwing a "Hug" your way. I'm so happy for you that you are getting out there girl. I knew you would go far !!! Keep up the great work .
    More Hugs

  3. Du har en skøn stemme(: elsker den:D
    Desuden er din blog rigtig god:D


  4. So what is happening?
    Your fans need to know!

  5. @freddo41 She participated in X Factor and got to the semi finals. She's now in a group called The fireflies and they got a record deal. exciting!

  6. Du sjunger underbart! Aldrig hört någon bättre :O

    It means, you're singing so wonderful, i've never heard one who are singing like this! :D KEEP ON ROLLING!

  7. If one day you become a great artist, I'll be the first person who buy your CD ;)