Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Halløj (Danish for hallo - funny!!)

Wow. I have only been away for 2 days, and when I got home, I had over 25 new comments on my YouTube-videos. I can not wait to start answering them!! That is so amazing! Can’t believe that people have so many nice things to say to me. I appreciate every comment and every message. You are all helping me so much to move forward! Thanks!

A lot of people has been giving me requests, and of course I want to do them all, but I really do not have so much time. That is so sad. Sometimes I just wish that a day could be 48 hours. Then I could play so much more music. Would that be awesome, or what? :)

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the new yar, and still is holding on to your new year-continues. You can do it!!

If there is snow where you live, then grab your sleigh and go have some fun on the hills. Juhuuu..

Take Care


P.s. I haven't been on Twitter for a REALLY long time, but today I tried to go online there againg.. and.. omg.. that is so difficult for me to understand. So please be patient with me in there. Sorry if I don't answer your posts. It's only because I don't know how to do - not because I don't want - cause I do! :)

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  1. I love your English, when English is a second language I like the little mistakes people make I think they are really cute :)