Saturday, August 8, 2009


Things are getting back to normally. Really soon. Right now I’m busy by learning new chords in my school. It’s important that I learn them really fast so the other member of the band don’t have to wait to long.
Also there is a festival in my city right now, so I haven’t been home a lot of the time this week.
People keep asking me “When do you upload a new song?.. when do you upload a new song?”
And my answer to that question is “I don’t know – when I get time.”
So I hope you guys do have a little patience.
That’s what I had to say this time :)

Take Care.


  1. Dear Henriette

    You should really try to feel less pressure to please others. I'm sure that people are curious to hear from you, but who are they to decide about your life?

    Good luck in school and have great fun at the festival!


    PS. Have I ever told you that you're great? =)

  2. Hi Niclas.

    Thank you very much for your message.
    I will definitely listen to your words! :)

    Hugs Henriette

    P.S. Yes you have. But I appreciate to hear it again ;)
    Thank you!!

  3. Hi Henriette.
    So... when will you upload a new song? ROFL... Just kidding!