Monday, July 27, 2009

Preview for you (the loyal fans who read my blog)!

Now it's REALLY long time ago since I last uploaded a video. And I'm very sorry for that. The only explanation is, that I have been on vacation. But before I left to New York, I tried to make a video, so you guys would have some to look at while I was gone ;-).
But, as said before, I mess up the same place everytime - really, EVERYTIME.
So.. because it's so long time ago since I have uploaded a video, you can see a little preview for my next video here. It's called "No One" by Alicia Keys.

P.S. I know that I look a lot down on my guitar. It's only because I'm really focused, and I will try not doing that so much when the real one comes up.
Anyway, I hope you look forward to see the real one, when you have seen this.

Thanks for attention.

DanyaaMUSIC :)


  1. Omgoodness Henriette ....... Beautifully done. I cant wait to hear the entire song when you get it done. I love this much of it already..... LOL.
    Hugssss and thanks for the preview !

    P.s. ( FANTABULOUS) oh yeah!

  2. Hvaså do. Hvornår kommer den endelige version ?