Thursday, September 24, 2009

.. it's all just fine!

Hi Everybody.

My fingerplay is just getting better and better. I’m so happy for that.
I’m already practicing a new song in that way, because I really start to know how to do it. YAY!!

But before you get to here another song in fingerplay, I have to upload “San Francisco” as I promised a couple of people – I don’t want to disappoint you ;) .. Specially not you, Sweedish-Niclas :D

I also have good news to tell you!! A producer from the city I’m living in contacted me yesterday to hear if I were interested in help from him. Then I told him that I would always love to get some help with my music. And then he promised me that he would look for a songwriter to me, so I could play something original.
There will probably go some time, but I’m really excited to see if he can figure something out :)

Another thing: Have you all heard about that “new” British girl called Pixie Lott. Aww, she is awesome!
My cover called “Mamma Do” is original by her. She was visiting Denmark for a couple of days ago, and she told a little bit of herself in an interview in the television. She seems cool, and she is only 18 years old!!! That’s almost the same age as me. I want hide that I really adore her! She got the star-quality!!

Well, that was all I had to tell today.

Now it’s almost weekend, so enjoy your last days on work ;-)

Take Care.


  1. You can not disappoint me, no matter how bad it is, even though I know you will do just fine, considering how talented you are! Just seeing you happy is enough for me, but I am really looking forward to your cover. It's such a great song, and who can do it more justice than our own superstar, Henriette? :)

    Take care! Niclas

  2. That's just great. Again - Thank you SO much!! :)