Monday, September 7, 2009

New Video.. AGAIN!! :D And a clip of my day in shool..

Does some of you remember my cover of Connells called "74' 75" ?
Well, if you do remember, AND if you liked it, I guess this would also be a song you would like - my newest upload: How To Save A Life by The Fray.

I liked singing and playing this song because it was difficult and easy at the same time. I mean.. It was interesting!

I changed the key a little in the first part of every vers. And the reason why I did that is simply that it was way to deep for me to sing else. (:

UH, AND ALSO.. If you wanna see what song we are working with in my school right now, take a look at this video. I now the quality isn't really good. But it was just one of my classmates who really spontanous tried to record it.
It's really cool to play with a band. And in this video I'm singing and playin guitar (even though it's not easy to see because the guitar is black and so is the background). Bass and electric guitar is played by to of my classmates. The drums are played by my teacher, and the girl who sings the secondvoices is one of my classmates too. I hope you can here it! :)

Have a nice week!!

Henriette :)

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