Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dear Everybody..

As you maybe have seen, I’m trying to change my layout both here on my blog and on my YouTube-channel.
But unfortunately I don’t know that much about computers and internet sites, so I think it will take a little time, before I get the right combination of everything I want. Just be patience with me and all this changing around. I’m trying my best.
I get tired of the pink theme even though I still love the color a lot. But now I’m in a blue phase I think, which reminds me of that I just bought some new shoes so I can look great when I’m out performing with my group The Fireflies. Check them out.. aren’t they cool? They seem a little high, but I have to learn walk in them!!

Well.. Good start on a new week tomorrow!!!



  1. Awesome shoes, a bit high though!! :D
    Where did you buy them? I love skulls ^^

  2. Thanks!! I bought them from the danish website ... They have beautiful shoes!! :D