Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paris tomorrow!!!

Hi. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Paris. I can't wait!! We are gonna stay at a hotel called "Comfort Hotel Saint Pierre", and it looks great.

And hey.. I have uploaded a new cover on YouTube today. It's a Danish song by a Danish and very famous singer right now, called Medina. This song is called "Ensom" ("Lonely" in English"). Actualy I am not so crazy about the lyrics because it's about a boy who broke up with her girlfriend, because he did't thought it worked out any longer. And then the girl says that she hopes that the boy is lonely without her, and that he shouldn't have broke up with her. Well.. She wants him to feel pain over breaking up with her.
And if I should get deeper into the text, I actually think she feels so bad and sorry not being with him, and wish him back. That's maybe why she hopes that he doesn't feel good without her.

Here it is...

See you!! :)



  1. Hej Henriette, faldt lige over din blog og youtube kanal og kom hurtigt til at bruge et par timer på at lytte til din smukke stemme.

    Er normalt ikke vild med Medina, men efter at have hørt "Ensom" i hendes duet med Tina Dickow er jeg blevet helt glad for den sang. Med din smukke version bliver den jo kun bedre nu :)

    Glæder mig til at høre mere til dig og Fireflies i fremtiden.

    mvh. Heine

  2. Tusind tak Heine. Det er jeg glad for at høre!! :)

  3. hi from Barcelona
    this is so nice^^ I do not understand a shit tho.., could u explain what's taht song bout?