Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vacation, vacation, vacation!!

Now I’m home from a small vacation with my boyfriend, just here in Denmark. We visited a place called “Skandinavisk Dyrepark”. On their homepage they translate it to “Scandinavian Wildlife Park”, so let us just call it that. As the name says, it’s a park where you can go see a lot of the animals who live in the Scandinavian. It was really exciting to see and the weather was w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. Here is some pictures from the visit:

This is me and Mr Bear.. wrrrrraaaaahhhh......

It looked so sweet when they were playing together in the water

Okay.. How cute is this one? He only needs a television and a beer. Then he is good to go!!!!

Who says that bears are dangerous? I just can't believe them when I look at this picture.. So cute..

Me feeding a "Bambi".. I were a little scared, even though it is a cute animal!!

Bears waiting for the zookeeper to give them some food

And this one was getting tired of waiting sooooo long for the food

If anyone wants to give me a christmas-present... then... I want to have a bear!

On Monday I’m going to Copenhagen to record some more songs to our Fireflies-album. It’s always exciting to record because you learn so much about singing and about yourself.
Now there is only 2 months (ca) to our album is coming out. Cant wait!!!!

Enjoy your life!!




  1. Since you like bears, here's more!

  2. Let's play a game :)

    Who do you think is your biggest fan? :-D

  3. Lalala

    We want some updates. (-: