Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have holiday right now. For 3 whole weeks!! it’s a bit boring, but also very good. Just so you know ;)

For a couple of weeks ago, I was writing which songs I was about to sing. Everything I do, Colors of the Wind, Always, The Climb and Hallelujah among other things.
I did some of them. Yay.
So now I am still practicing the finger play to Hallelujah, and I think it’s moving forward. Also I am waiting for Oscar to make the instrumental version of The Climb. But I said “No rush!” to him, because I have a lot of other requests to do. I can show you my list, so you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s just in random order:

Remember me this way – Jordan Hill
Stay - Sugerland
Power of love – Celine Dion
Cat Stevens – Father and Son
Songs of Norah Jones
Ramt i natten – Lizzie (Danish song)
Toy Soldiers - Martika
Take my breath away – Berlin
Shadow – Demi Lovato
Save Me From Myself - Christina Aguilera
Tag min Hånd – Sara West (Danish song)
Sound Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel
Scott McKenzie - San Francisco
It’s my time - Jade Ewen
Only Hope – Mandy Moore
Norwegian wood – The Beatles
Sweet Misery - Michelle Branch
Waking up in Vegas - Katy Perry
Drops of Jupiter – Train
Bizarre love Triangle – Frente

So I have a lot to begin with. BUT!! I can’t work on them the whole next week, because I am going to NEW YORK CITY FOR ONE WEEK!!! :D
It’s just a trip for me and my dad, and I am going to see my aunt and her family, for the first time! I think it’s really exiting!

Well, I guess that was all for now.
Keep looking :)

All the best from me.


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