Sunday, July 26, 2009


I suck at computers. The other day I made a DVD with all the pictures from the NY-trip, to my dad, and send it to him. And when he recieved it, the DVD was empty. Well done, Henry!

And now I have sitting for hours to remember how to opload pictures into this blog. AND FINALLY, I saw a little icon with a picture on, and suddenly I remember how to do. Great!

So, here is some pictures from my visit to New York City:
(click a the photo for a bigger picture)

Flatiron Building

Me in front of Times Square

The Statue of Liberty

Me in Central Park

I'm pretending winning American Idol. LOL.

Manhattan Down Town taken from The Empire State Building-

Guggenheim Museum (and me). My dad and I only visited that museum because we have heard so much about it and wanted to see the building, and because we've already paid to see it. But it was SO boring in my opinion. Museums doesn't really say me something. LOL.

This is me in front of Empire State Building. The picture is taken from another high building in New York called Rockefeller Center or Top of the Rock.

People say "New York City - the city who never sleeps".. that's a lie. Look at this picture..

And the last picture.. I'm sitting in the flight and eating. The food was GREAT! I was surprised how good it was. I mean.. how good can food be when you have to bring it so many kilometres up in the air. But I liked it! :D

I hope you like the pictures. I can't take the credit for taking them.. It goes to my dad.

I haven't had so much to play guitar. But I'm sure that hen I get back to my normally rythm ther will be time!

See you soon :)


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  1. Ohhh Love the pics !! I especially love the American Idol one. Your dad takes great pics ! Don't feel bad about the disk being empty- it happens to a lot of us. Thanks for the preview of the new beautiful song and for sharing the pictures. I hope you had a great time. Hugsss, TammyJo