Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm home.

I’m back from New York City, and finally I got time to write on my blog again.
I had a ‘FANTASTICO’ trip. Everything was really good. The weather, the food, the flight, the activities and so on.

I forgot how to put pictures into this site. When I have found out, I will show you some pictures of me in New York :)

And now it’s also very long time ago since I uploaded my last video on YouTube.. I hope I can upload “No One” by Alicia Keys very soon!!

This is the third and last week of my holiday, so on Monday I am going to school again. Yay!
But I’m not going to play any music in the school next week, because my teacher still is on vacation. But the week after that it’s going to be fun!!

Now I have nothing more to tell. Have a good time.

Henriette :)

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