Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from the weekend..

Hi eveybody.

My weekend has been great. First I was visiting my dad, and then I was visiting my brother. So I haven't been home the whole weekend. It was really hard to be away from my computer for so long. LOL :)

I have been oploaded a new video called "I'm only me when I'm with you". It is one of Taylor Swift's songs. You can take a look at it, on if you already haven't ofcourse.

Before I was going to my dad in the first part of the weekend, I was trying to play another song by Taylor Swift called "Breathe". But I couldn't opload it to YouTube because of the time.
I was really sad about that. I was so anxious to get it uploaded before I went away, that I almost was late to my dad. And my fingers hurted so much, that I had to stop playing, and take away. :(

But in the bright light: Now, my fingers had a small break from the guitar and I am again ready to play "Breathe" really good. So look forward to that, guys!

I guess that was everything from me now. And don't forget that if you have any requests, you're more then welcom to give them to me.


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