Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why this blog? - I'll tell you :)

Today I woke up and thought “Hey, what is this blog really about?”, so I decided to tell you why I made this blog, and what my intension with it is.

I made it up, so people who like listen and watching my videos on YouTube, could follow me in my daily life, and would be able to know what my next step would be in my music-life.
I haven't found the rhythm yet on this site. And with it, I mean that I'm still not quite sure how I'm supposed to move around on this website. It's kind confusing. It will be better - but it's still not good enough.
By the way: If some of you guys out there don't understand what I'm writing, please tell me, so I can make myself intelligible till next time and in the future.




  1. Thanks for dropping by my site.

    You are absolutly stunning and a fantastic singer as well.

    Good luck with your future, hope all your dreams come true for you

  2. Hi Steven H.
    Thank you too!! I thought you're blog was good, so I joined it.
    Take care!

  3. I agree you are a very gifted singer. I am so glad you are a blogger it lets us follow you from the beginning to when your a very famous singer, how cool is that. Your profile is funny: "By talking to strange people" I am so strange you called that one. *Smile* See ya

  4. LOL. I think I learn a lot by talking to wierd and strange people, because they are often very different from me :D
    But I thougt, as you said, it would be cool, if people would get a chance to follow me here :-)