Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's celebrate my new web-skills!!

Okay. Listen: This is SO great!!
I've been sitting and working with my blog for hours, and is still ongoing. There is some mistakes I shall have fixed here and there. I have been adding a lot of gadgets, which I think is quite interesting.
And then I put a picture of my own eyes in the back of the “Header.”
I’m so proud of myself, because normally I suck at finding out websites and blogs…uh.. and HTML, not to forget (I almost did – even though it is the hardest for me to figure out), and now I’ve been creating my very own side and place. Yay!
I hope that you will take a look at/on (don’t know what to say) my site. Maybe you can tell me what you think? - Although it’s not completely finished yet.

All the best from me to you! :)

PS. I’ve been uploading a new video, tjeck it out:

There is something funny about this video. Because I must admit that it took me over 54 times to make it almost fail-free and finished. It was so difficult to play!
And the last time I played it, I almost reach the endning, and then I startet getting nervous, because I was so afraid that I would mess it up in the very endning, but I didn't (not so much at least). Yes! :)

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  1. Wonderful video, and I think you did a wonderful job on the blog. It looks great :)