Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I wanna tell you..

The other day, a friend send me a song called “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy. It’s a rap-song, yes.
And normally, I prefer not to hear rap songs because I never have time to hear what they sing, because they are singing so fast. But I found the lyrics, and read it while the song was playing. And I must admit that it made me cry.
My friend said to me, that this song reminds him of an old friend who killed himself. Then I told him, that things like that also contains good thing. And he said “How can you say that?” after which I replied “Haven’t you learned to miss? Haven’t you learn to appreciate the present moment that you’re living? Haven’t you learned to take more care of your friend and family?” And then we both saw everything a bit different and in a brighter light. It was great!
If you’ve ever lost someone, you can try listening to that song by searching on YouTube for the song and use Google for the lyrics.

Well. Now some great news: On Friday I’m going to talk with a Danish professional musician, named Kim Sagild. I’m so excited about that. Maybe he can put me together with other people who also like working with music?

About Carl Harris song, I told I would upload in the begging of this week, but I couldn’t do it because of the time :(
I’m working as fast as I can – believe me!

Best regards, Henriette.

P.S. My YouTube-Videos have now reached 25.000 views in total. yay!

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  1. you have nice philosophy and good projects, i will become a real fan!!! if you need a drummer you know ;)